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Field Trip.

I enjoyed the field trip.We saw the airport,buildings and planes.

Mam told us to draw a church and a banyan tree.

We ate dry fruits for snacks and a lunch in a box.

And we played some games which we also enjoyed that we went inside the church and prayed to Jesus Christ and we went to the bus and heard vettaikaran songs.Every one started to sing and I loved it very much .I loved the bus also.

Happy Birthday Aunt – poem

My aunt is a dentist

so caring and kind,

she makes me tasty chicken

that i love to eat,

she takes me to hillocks , hills, farms, waterfalls and fields

which i like to see,

She also takes me to the garden

where i see buzzy bees and

i take pictures of the beautiful flowers,

Oh ! isn’t it fabulous to

have a caring aunt like this.

Today is her birthday and

i wish her a happy birthday.